Hello there!

We are two friends РPaul and Blake Рfitness enthusiasts who know more about compression wear than most beginner-athletes. Why is that? The main reason is because we have worked in a shop together (in fact we met there when earning extra money for college) and consulted clients about these kind of products.

About us a little bit more.. We are friends for 5 years now and 4 of them we are doing sports together. We have common interests and pretty much the same past, so each one of us can tell his biography and it will fit to other’s story too. haha

Our favorite type of sport is cycling, although we love running and others. And one time when we worked together, Paul asked – how can we sell compression pants if we haven’t even tried them?

That was a good question (pretty funny, huh), so we got a discount and bought ourselves compression pants… That’s how we got in love with this garment and with time got compression shirts, socks, shorts and other… Basically the whole package.

You may ask, why would you buy tight clothing if you can play sports in comfortable one.. Well, then you really haven’t tried compression wear.

First of all, it really is comfortable, although it’s pretty hard to get on.

Secondly, and most importantly, this clothing helps to improve blood circulation during physical activity. What does it mean?

As you know, the blood circulates through your veins through all your body. But when you do some kind of activity, your muscles start to work more (and also gravity comes in) and blood does not circulate as smoothly as it should. That’s why you sometimes feel the pain and fatigue in your legs for example.

And then there comes compression wear that is so tight that it helps to kinda lift up your muscles so they don’t interfere blood circulation. And this amazing process was one of the reasons why we decided to try compression clothing by ourselves.

We are happy to share our experience by writing reviews, and advise best products for you. Hope that our blog will really help you to find best compression clothing.


Blake and Paul