Best basketball compression shorts and pants

Despite what you may think  – compression shorts and leggings in basketball are nothing new. For instance, look at this picture of Kobe guarding Michael Jordan back in 1998. You clearly see that Jordan is rocking compression shorts, way before it was mainstream. To understand what exact benefits do compression leg wear give to basketball players, scroll down, as I have created a special section for that. If you only want to find the best leggings or shorts – you can look at the product list below

4 Best Basketball Tights

Jordan Compression Pants – AJ All Season

jordan compression tights

I’ll mention this upfront, you are paying for the brand. However what you get isn’t all that bad. They will hold up pretty well, and compared to some competing models they offer none the less. For instance, the quality of materials is really superior to most of what you can get in the market today. You will need to take care of them properly, but that’s the case with everything if you want it to last.

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UA HeatGear Compression Leggings

yellow color ua tights

These are overall great tights for basketball. The material is thin and flexible enough to give you the ability to move around super comfortably. Although the fit could be better where the waistband is.

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2XU Tights 

black 2xu leggings

2XU solely focuses on compression gear, which helps them to really create a premium product. They’re comfortable and will give you overall nice compression. These can be worn as a base layer basketball leggings (no underwear) under your shorts or as outer tights. What most people won’t tell you is that for every compression wear you’ll ever have  – compression differs from a person to person as most of our bodies are different.

One thing you want to keep in mind if you go with these is to not wash them in a washer. Simply wash them with hands.

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Nike PRO Hypercool Tights

white nike hypercool tights

These are getting popular even among NBA and NCAA players. Why? Cause they’re comfortable and they look badass.

These have flat seams to better fit your skin as well as ventilation channels to keep you cool. Wear them under basketball shorts or as outer pants when practicing.

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4 Best Compression Shorts for Basketball

Nike men’s AJ All Season 6 – Jordan Compression Shorts

black jordan compression shorts

Is there a baller that doesn’t recognize Air Jordan famous logo? Unlikely. However, their much less known for their compression apparel, than for their… shoes, for sure. I’d say that the famous logo holds its standards pretty decently for these Dri-fit shorts as well. Of course, there might be some exceptions, but I really believe that their more of a factor reject the type of defects.

Anyhow, they’ll provide you with more than enough elasticity and comfort you might need to play the ball. What’s great as well is that the overall quality of the materials is noticeably higher than that of cheaper brands. The fabric will really give you that second skin feeling for sure.

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Nike Pro Combat 2.0

nike pro combat 2.0 gray compression shorts

Way better than their previous model. If you’ve been playing basketball in high school, college or some other place, then you definitely have seen someone wearing these. Among basketball players, these are the most popular ones. Some of their benefits include:

+ Specifically designed Dri-FIT Fabric, which helps you stay dry and cool.

+ Flexible fit to give you a bigger range of movements.

+ Flatlock seams to reduce chaffing.

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Under Armour HeatGear 

Under Armour Heatgear Blue and Yellow

A well known brand for their sportswear. A really popular among ballers and other athletes.  Some cool  stuff these have:

+ UPF 30+ sun protection ( This is for you who love ballin’ outside in the hot Florida sun).

+ Great moisture transport system to dry faster and wick away sweat.

+ Anti-odor technology to smell good even after long practices

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Champion Powerflex 

champion powerflex gray compression shorts

Consider that these have:

+ Quick-drying Champion Vapor technology for moisture evaporation.

+ Sweat wicking technology.

+ For chaffing protection – flatlock seams.

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Key Features in Compression Shorts and Pants


Well, it’s a bit difficult to explain properly but the basic idea is that they act as a second skin. Meaning that the purpose of them is to provide support without imposing on your mobility. Most, if not all are made from a cross-stitched material similar to silk and it feels like you’re wearing nothing underneath your outfit. Which in all honesty is the best way to go when getting dressed.

Athletic benefits

compression shorts for basketball playersIn basketball, it is really important to have the ability to endure short bursts of speed. Doing so, however, will place enormous strain on your leg muscles. Wearing Compression gear can help alleviate the stress of this though, because of the increase in the users anaerobic threshold.

Anaerobic threshold is a term used to measure the level of oxygen consumption during instances of rapid blood lactate concentration. This is something that basketball players, more so than any other type of athlete, experience during training and games.

The idea behind compression clothing is that it improves performance and speeds up the recovery time of your muscles after you have been doing an activity where you have to run or jump (basketball). That’s why you will see a lot of players in the NBA wearing compression tights underneath their uniforms. Studies have shown that wearing compression gear after workouts and games can show an increase in recovery and a decrease in swollen muscles. While it was only found to be a small effect, what matters here is that there is, in fact, a difference.

Health benefits

There was a study conducted by the esteemed University of California a number of years back. They were looking at compression gear and trying to gain a better understanding of its benefits to your health when used during exercise such as basketball and running in this case. Studies show that the use of compression shorts specifically, saw an increase in blood flow. This, in turn, kept muscles in the inner and outer thigh warm and more flexible, which led to a 7% increase in patient performance. That may not seem like a significant increase to the average Joe who only plays sports for fun, like at a family gathering or something, but that amount of an increase in performance for a professional athlete is a massive jump in ability compared to simply wear underwear.

Style and Colors

tesla compression shortsThe typical pair of basketball compression shorts or pants will come in either black or gray but some companies step it up and say, “oh you like colors? well, prepare your body for this mess. I came across a particular brand of compression clothing that offered so many different colors. Tesla makes a lot of compression tights and this pair, in particular, comes in a staggering amount of colors. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve made some odd fashion choices in my life, but at what point to you wake up in the morning and decide that you’re going to slide into a pair of baby blue tights and go out into public with them on?

I hope this has been informative enough for you all for you to feel comfortable making the purchase of compression tights.

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