Best Brand of Compression Stockings out there?

You want to ensure that your muscles are warm and safe. You want to stay injury free. Compression stockings are obviously the answer. But what is the BEST brand of compression stockings? There is such a vast amount of compression wear on the market. I get you, it can get slightly confusing. You simply want to reap the benefits of compression socks. This is why we have put together this useful resource that will guide you on your journey to find the best compression socks in 2017. Enjoy!

TOP3 Compression Stockings


MDSOX Compression Socks
20-30 mmHG 4.4 out of 5 stars

Danish Endurance
16-21 mmHg 4.7 out of 5 stars

15-20 mmHG 4.3 out of 5 stars

 Ultimate Compression Stockings Brand Guide

MDSOX 20-30 mmHG Graduated Compression Socks

compression socks from mdsoxMDSOX compression socks are physician-designed and are available to wear in 12 cool colors! Who said compression socks couldn’t be fun? When it comes to color options, this is the best stockings brand. The core aim since the product inception was a sock that gives your lower leg and feet the perfect amount of therapeutic compression.

MDSOX socks have been made with a unique ‘pressure gradient’; this allows blood to flow to the heart with ease and will leave you feeling fresher. But what is a pressure gradient? Well, basically the material is at its tightest around the feet and ankles, the material then gets slightly looser the further up the leg you go.

A compression of 20-30 mmHG means that the MDSOX is a relatively ‘tight’ compression sock. If you are looking for a compression stocking that really keeps your muscles tight then the MDSOX could be worth a go.

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  • High compression of 20-30 mmHG
  • Available in a huge amount of colors – 12!
  • Fair price
  • Compression gradient – evenly distributed compression


  • Very tight at the top of the sock– this can cut into your calf
  • High compression means they are harder to put on/take off

Danish Endurance

compression socks from danish enduranceCompression socks from Danish Endurance are “designed by athletes for athletes” and one of most aesthetically pleasing of all compression stockings. Made in Europe and designed in Denmark, these compression socks also feature a graduated compression.

The socks have been cleverly fitted with a padded cushion; this padded material easily absorbs any shock and ensures that you are always in full comfort. Make sure to put these socks on the correct foot, as they have been specifically designed to suit each foot. Don’t worry though, as each sock is marked with an “R” (right foot) and an “L” (left foot).

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  • Very easy to get on and off
  • Light compression – not restrictive
  • Incredible value
  • Padded footbed absorbs all shocks



  • Prone to rip/tear quite easily – Have to be very careful

J-Trendy Compression Socks

best brand compression socksJ-Trendy compression socks are made out of a 35% nylon, 35% polyester and 30% elastane premier material. The J-Trendy’s have special ‘targeted compression zones’ that provide varying levels of support around your foot, ankle, and calf. At 15-20mmHG this compression sock holds a good degree of tightness, yet they are incredibly easy to take on and off.

What might just make this the best brand of compression stockings is that you actually get 6 pairs of socks! You receive a pair of all their colors, although part of me does wish that this brand had more funky bright colors. The J-Trendy is also a ‘foot-focused’ compression sock. A product I would recommend for people that are suffering from foot injuries, such as plantar fasciitis.

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  • Foot-focused support
  • AMAZING value – 6 pairs for the price of one
  • Easy to get on
  • Available in assorted colors


  • Feel slightly less compression than 15-20mmHg (more like 13-18)



What to look for when buying compression socks

Depending on why you’re interested in compression socks, your list of important features might be a little different than mine. However, as far as I’m concerned, the three most important features in a compression sock are style, comfort, and performance.


I’ll admit to not being a pure utilitarian; I don’t want to wear something that looks ridiculous, no matter what else it can do for me. Luckily, compression sock makers are stepping their game up in the looks department. Nowadays you can find compression socks that are as stylish as any other article of clothing.


Whether you’re traveling, playing sports or simply laying about the house, comfort is king. You can’t ski all day in a sock that makes your feet itch, or is too tight. Remember: you’re going to be in these things for hours at a time, so don’t buy anything that doesn’t feel good.


The whole point of compression socks is that they relieve discomfort and increase performance. Don’t get something too loose or tight to achieve those goals. Finding out what works for you might be sort of a trial and error process.


Compression socks care & maintenance

As with any socks, the elasticity and integrity of compression socks diminishes the more you wear them. Washing your socks, necessary as it may be, will contribute to this. There’s really not much you can do about that. However, one of the most important things you can do is make sure not to put your compression socks in the dryer. That will only speed up their degradation. Instead, let them air dry.


compression socks for joggingDecision time: which compression sock is the best?
It depends, I think, on your focus. If you’re an intense athlete, you’ll probably benefit the most from the Danish Endurance socks, which are designed specifically for athletes. If you are a nurse, you should check compression socks for nurses!

If you’re more likely to be found in a boardroom meeting than on a snowboard, you’ll probably like J-Trendy’s models. They come in a variety of business-appropriate colors and, perhaps best of all, they are remarkably inexpensive.

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