Best Compression Sleeves of 2017

We have created detailed articles, to help you choose the top compression sleeves for different body parts. Here they are:

What are compression sleeves?

arm compression sleeve for menCompression sleeves are different types of athletic performance-enhancing garments made of synthetic, engineered fabric. They’re shaped like tubes to fit comfortably and compress the body area where they’re used.

Naturally, different areas will have different dedicated compression sleeves, and that’s how we ended up with elbow, knee and ankle compression sleeves for joints, forearm and calf sleeves for parts of your extremities, and the leg compression sleeves that combine knee and calf sleeves.

If you’re in a hurry – check this table below to quickly find some of what we think are the best compression sleeves. Otherwise keep reading as you are going to learn a whole lot about different types of compression sleeves.

For whom they are? What benefits they have?

Typically, compression sleeves are used by pro or amateur athletes, but they’re available to everyone. They’re usually unisex, though you should consult a sizing chart before you order.

They provide muscular and joint support. They can be used either to assist you during recovery from a certain injury or to alleviate pain. Alternatively, they can be used to reduce swellings.

I have to point out, though – there are different compression available for sleeves. In fact it applies to any compression garment. Compression is measured in mmHG (millimeters of mercury) and generally for the athletic garments – the thicker your body part is – the bigger the compression. However to really get the medical grade compression wear(20+ mmHG), you should talk to a physician.

How to know what to get?

First, you should check if the item you want comes as a pair or single (Many people fall for this, thinking they’re getting a pair). Deciding on the color and model is entirely up to you, however, consider that there are variations in price, which correlates to quality and the level of compression the sleeve exerts on your own muscles.

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