Champion Men’s Powerflex Compression Shorts Review

This past weekend I was hanging out with some friends and we were playing a little football because why not, right? As you know I love to wear compression gear when I’m going to be playing any type of sports.

Of course, these are not Jordan or UA, But there’s a lot to say in this champion compression shorts review. Its usually an even mix of good and bad, these ones, however, had an odd mix of both.

What I mean by that is while they are a great pair of shorts, they have a few issues that are difficult to look over for almost anyone who would use them.

Not that I’m complaining about them because I really did enjoy them but those few things made it feel a bit awkward to wear. Then again it could just be because of my size. You see, the waistband is a bit too tight for me to call them comfortable and honestly the fit as a whole feels a bit to snug for me. In retrospect, this could actually be seen as a good thing if you have the problem of chafing because having clothing that’s this snug really helps prevent your thighs from trying to start a fire.

That’s really all I have to say about these shorts that can be seen as negative. As for why you should buy them and why I would most likely recommend them to most people, it’s difficult to pin that down but you can look at this short list for a few of the main reasons why I like them:

  • Mesh material in the thigh area that actually prevents chaffing unlike most other brands
  • They don’t fall apart in the washer
  • Affordable price with a great deal of value
  • They don’t get warm like some others
  • They dry remarkably quick from sweat and water

Really, if you like them, check out their price on

I should also make note of the fact that they are made out of a pretty reflective material, for those of you that enjoy taking night runs, you can finally stop worrying about becoming a part of the pavement because a car that was unable to see you ended up slamming into you. I know that’s not a concern for a lot of people but it is something worth bringing up because you never know who’s going to be looking to buy them.

Overall these are a great pair of compression shorts because they do what you would expect them to do as well as a few other things that can be difficult to find when searching for a new pair. A lot of people often ask if certain pairs are for warming or if they only cool?

This is actually a valid question because there is compression wear out there that is designed to keep you warm. This particular pair only cools and given that they are designed as active wear, I’d say that’s a good thing. The material feels nice, they’re snug so they don’t bunch up and they still haven’t fallen apart in the wash. Sounds like a winning pair to me.

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