Best Calf Compression Sleeves – TOP 5

Can you imagine what kind of vibration goes through your body during a run? No wonder sometimes our legs hurts as hell or have that unendurable feeling of fatigue. But there is one solution! Calf compression sleeves are great for those, who exercise daily.

The main reason why professional athletes use compression sleeves is to regulate the blood circulation while running and after that. Compression sleeves help to avoid leg cramps and reduce fatigue. Read more about best calf compression sleeves down here!

Thirty48 Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves

black thirty48 calf sleevesThese compression sleeves are well suited to exercise or daily activities.

They offer ligament support, improve blood flow and neutralize calf vibrations during physical activity.

They come in compression levels of 15-22 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg.

Thirty48 backs these compression sleeves with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Comfortable
  • Keep their elasticity


  • Some users complain about the length of the sleeves

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Zensah Leg Sleeves

green zenash calf sleevesZensah leg sleeves are made of a blend of 90% nylon and 10% spandex.

While other compression sleeves focus simply on the calf muscle or ankle, Zensah sleeves feature a V-shaped ribbing that is meant to directly support the shin. This makes them an ideal choice for runners who are prone to shin splints.

They come in an array of vibrant colors.


  • Offer high levels of support
  • Good for post-run recovery
  • Reduce shin splints


  • Poorly fitted to thinner runners

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BeVisible Calf Compression Sleeves

bevisible compression sleeveBeVisible calf sleeves are made with durability and comfort in mind. According to the company’s website, they have been the “best selling calf compression sleeves on Amazon for the past three years.”

They come in three sizes: small-medium, large-XL, and XL-XXL.

The company offers a 90-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee with each purchase.


  • Great customer service
  • Relieve swelling and symptoms of varicose veins


  • According to some customers, these sleeves are very tight, no matter which size they purchased

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2XU Calf Compression Sleeves

black 2xu compression calf sleeves2XU compression sleeves come in two varieties: “active” and “refresh.”

They are designed with a reflective material that makes them ideal for night runs.

The compression of these sleeves is highly graduated; they are very tight around the calves and rather loose around the ankles, which can feel a bit odd at times.


  • Reflective design for safety at night
  • Two-tiered product system differentiates between recovery and activity
  • Soft, moisture-wicking material


  • Hard to get on

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Zero Point Calf Compression Sleeve

zeropoint calf compression sleeveThe Zero Point calf compression sleeves are designed with attention to airflow within the sleeve.

This helps maximize cooling and reduce sweating, and therefore the need to wash.

The shins of these sleeves are endowed with padding for extra protection.


  • Highest Amazon ratings of the calf sleeves we’ve reviewed (seriously, there are only 3 critical reviews on Amazon)
  • Very comfortable


  • Sleeves may ride up on heels.

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Why use them? What are the Benefits?

The main purpose of  a calf sleeve is to fit the space between your ankle and your knee, and give it proper support. These sleeves primarily help reduce the time for muscle recovery and enhance blood circulation.

Moreover, there are some types that offer graduate compression, with the greatest amount at the ankles so as to pump your blood up the leg, improving muscle function. For best results, I’d go with the graduate types.

Calf sleeves also reduce the vibrations and the force of impact during physical activities, which goes miles to protecting you from suffering an injury (again).

Who wears them?

Calf sleeves are commonly used by runners and athletes, both to speed up the recovery between events and regulate blood flow outside of the field.


Calf sleeves have great results dealing with various injuries. They can relieve the pain, but not get rid of it. On the other hand, in conjunction with the prescribed therapy, calf sleeves can effectively cut short the time needed to recover from given injury, alleviating ache and soreness.  

Additionally, wearing the sleeve after the recovery will most likely prevent the pain from reoccurring.

Shin splints

compression socks for injuriesThose of you who are regularly doing sporting activities, most likely sometimes suffer from shin splints.

Wearing a dedicated shin splint sleeve will greatly improve your condition.

Not only will you get a way to reduce soreness and pain, but you’ll get the good sides of muscle support and enhanced blood circulation to further reduce the time for recovery and prevent such condition from ailing you again.

How to know what to get?

Well, it really depends on what you need – for prevention, wearing a standard calf sleeves should be enough. Conversely, for recuperation, there are dedicated shin splint sleeves that are efficient dealing with said condition.