Best Leg Compression Sleeves – Top 5

You probably have seen that athletes wear compression clothing. But why is that? And why you should buy leg sleeves?

The main reason, why people wear this kind of clothing is because it helps your blood to circulate better.  In this process, your body gets more nutrients and oxygen.

Also if you’ve had some kind of injury, they could help you heal faster. In this roundup of best leg compression sleeves, you’ll get more than enough information to get you started. Let’s go!

Best Compression Leg Sleeves

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2XU Recovery Leg Sleeves

2XU Recovery Leg Sleeves2XU’s recovery leg sleeves offer the benefits of compression technology without the restriction and overheating that can sometimes accompany it. These leg sleeves are a favorite among runners, bikers, and triathletes–and for good reason: they work and they’re comfortable. Remember: they’re recovery sleeves. They’re not meant for workouts, but rather recoveries.


  • Comfortable, won’t overheat
  • Can be worn casually


  • Difficult to walk in–they roll up or down

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MOJO Compression Leg Sleeves

MOJO Compression Leg SleevesMOJO compression leg sleeves are made from a blend of 72% nylon and 28% lycra. They provide graduated compression that starts at 20-30 mmHg around the ankles and eases off higher up the legs.

This graduation aids in blood oxygenation, thereby reducing the buildup of lactic acid in the legs during a workout. In other words: they keep you from getting as sore as you otherwise would while you exercise.


  • Graduated compression allows for longer, harder workouts


  • More on the expensive side

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Robebon Recovery Leg Sleeve

Robebon Recovery Leg SleeveRobebon Recovery leg sleeves are described as ideal for football, basketball, cycling and other sports. They don’t offer much in the way of compression and are really more geared to style or warmth than anything else.

That said, they are on the inexpensive side and come in a pair. You might be interested in them if you often find yourself exercising in climates that aren’t warm enough for shorts but aren’t cool enough for pants. In such climates, it can also be a good idea to wear tights. We have listed what we think are the top models in our guide. For example, you’ll learn why nike compression leggings in some cases may be a better idea than Robebon sleeves.


  • Modest price
  • Simple design


  • Don’t offer much functionality

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Elixir Scorpion Leg Sleeve

Elixir Scorpion Leg SleeveThese leg sleeves are cheaper than other similar products but have problems staying up.

The people who like these leg sleeves aren’t using them for intense physical activity, but rather for style or their light compression.

They also work well as a buffer between the wearer’s skin and a more supportive brace.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good for light activity


  • Not very supportive

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Viper Leg Sleeve

Viper Leg SleeveViper is a relatively new company, and as such doesn’t have much of a reputation. Nevertheless, they seem to make a decent leg sleeve.

These sleeves cover the knee and extend down to the calf, keeping the moving parts of the leg warm and compact during physical activity.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be particularly great at maintaining their elasticity. They don’t last very long.


  • Keep knee in line during exercise
  • Product of an emerging company


  • Not long-lasting

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What they’re, what they’re made of and what are the benefits?

Leg compression sleeves are made to support your leg muscles. They go all the way from your upper thigh to ankle, always covering your shins.leg sleeves for men

Similarly to other compression sleeves, leg sleeves are usually made of Lycra, Nylon, and Neoprene for their elasticity and firmness.

The benefits hide in the name – they will support and protect your leg muscles, enhance blood circulation, which will, in turn, improve muscle function. Also, they will protect your legs against different branches, poison-ivies, and other undesirable things. So this is definitely for you  – forest runner!

Who wears them?

Runners and many other athletes. They’re commonly seen in sports like football and basketball, where players wear full leg compression sleeves because the sport itself requires that.

For example, football players favor a type of leg sleeve with padding for extra protection. Conversely, basketball players tend to use a type of full leg sleeves that provides additional support for calves and hamstrings, or they choose to wear one of wear compression sleeves for calves.


Full leg sleeves are the least used type of compression sleeves, but they are of great use if you have an isolated injury need a pain-reliever.

How to know what to get?

As always –  it depends on your case. If you have had an injury I’d suggest for you to see a doctor before settling on a high compression leg or knee sleeve. If you just want it as a performance enhancer these are some of what we think are the best.

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