Nike 3 Womens Compression Shorts review

The first thing that blew me away about these shorts comparing to other best men and women compression shorts, was the range of sizes and styles, even though some sizes aren’t available all the time. (But who doesn’t need another pair of these after trying them out.)

The sizing chart is a big help so I would definitely use that when picking out the size rather than guessing what you would normally wear. I can usually wear anything from a size 8 to a size 14 because of how thick my thighs are, but my waist is more of a size 8 so I found that the large worked best for me. 

Why I liked these shorts:

• The compression on the shorts is the perfect balance to keep some of the worrying fat inside without being too tight.
• The shorts, in their own way, are encouraging because they can help make you look more toned and thin which definitely helps with confidence.

• They absorb and keep a lot of the sweat from pooling in areas you wouldn’t want them too while working out.

• The shorts are long enough so you will feel comfortable wearing them outside for jogging and yoga.

• The fabric is well made, very smooth and comfortable.

• Rashes are easily prevented and especially with thicker thighs, it was a huge plus for me not suffering from friction rash down there.

• The slimming effect helps even when you put other clothes on top.

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Some of the things Nike could still Work on:

• The Nike logo came off pretty easily after a few wears and washes, but since it’s only cosmetics, it isn’t a deal breaker for me.
• If you have thicker thighs and have a problem with shorts riding up between them like me, they might ride up a bit when you’re moving around a lot. Getting a larger inseam might work, but it might compromise the waist a bit depending on your body shape.

• Since they’re so skin tight, it might show the lines of your underwear.

• I got a muffin top when I initially put them on but I think the best way to fix that is to play around with it until you find a place to put the band, even if it’s a lot lower or higher than you would usually put it. If that’s uncomfortable, you should try a size up.

Why you should Buy Nike Womens 3 shorts..

nike compression shorts for womenOverall, I really love these shorts. Even though the con list seems long, it really is more of a matter of getting the correct size than anything else.

Once you get comfortable with the shorts and the compression that they give you, I don’t think I would pick anything else for a work out until it gets too cold outside for shorts, and even then I might wear them as another comfortable layer just to absorb the sweat that my other workout clothes don’t.

They’re the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe, even if only for the encouragement to get out there are start working out or even if you want to look slimmer with the clothes you layer on top of them.