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Best Compresssion Shirts for Men and Women in 2016

As more and more people are exercising, it seems that the most popular clothes for working out are compression shirts. Compression shirts are exactly what they sound like; a shirt pressing against your body and contouring to your own natural curves. The compression given to your body, especially in areas like your shoulders, back, arms, […]

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Best basketball compression shorts and pants

Despite what you may think  – compression shorts and leggings in basketball are nothing new. For instance, look at this picture of Kobe guarding Michael Jordan back in 1998. You clearly see that Jordan is rocking compression shorts, way before it was mainstream. To understand what exact benefits do compression leg wear give to basketball […]

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The 10 Best Compression Tights for Men

Compression tights, as with most compression wear, are mainly used for the protection of the outer skin and muscles. By keeping muscles warm, compression wear can help prevent strained muscles as well as muscular fatigue. It also helps keep blood circulating correctly the way that shorts would but the difference with tights is that these […]

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15 Best Men and Women Compression Shorts of 2016

Athletes across the competitive spectrum can benefit from compression shorts. Professional athletes use these shorts to increase performance during physical activity and to promote recovery afterward. Recreational athletes, who might not care as much about maximizing their performance, can still benefit from the increased support afforded by this type compression wear. TOP 6 Men and […]

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