10 Best Running Pants for Women 2017

Compression running gear can be really useful. It can keep you warm and supported during long runs and ultimately make recovering from long bouts of exercise much easier and quicker. If you’re getting serious about running and getting in shape, compression gear can make a big difference in how effective you are in achieving your goals.

In this review, we’ll talk about 10 best compression tights for women. You’ll learn some of the pros and cons about them and their key features as well. After we’ve told you about each pair of pants, we’ll tell you what we think are the top compression tights of our roundup. Okay, ready to get into it? Let’s go!

Eco-Daily Women’s Tights

Eco-Daily Women’s TightsThese compression tights will not only make your workouts better, they’ll help you look great while exercising. They are made from a blend of spandex and polyester that wicks sweat and stretches to fit your body even as it moves during your workout.

Their waistband is a bit higher than normal. It’s elastic, which provides a more comfortable fit. Also, it comes with a small pocket hidden in the waistband, which is a really convenient feature when you’re exercising.


  • Lots of cool designs!
  • Mid-level price


  • About 25% of buyers don’t find them properly sized

Active Research Women’s Compression Tights

Active Research Women’s Compression TightsThese are a bit more geared to serious athletes than the Eco-Daily tights. They’re built to provide heavy compression that stimulates blood flow and promotes muscle and joint recovery during and after workouts. The extra support is also great for preventing and taking care of sprains, shin splints, and other injuries–a must-have for any athlete serious about their training!

Active Research’s pants are made from high-quality materials that wick sweat, breathe and resist odor. You can work out as hard as you like and these pants won’t get sweaty or gross. They come with a thirty-day money-back guarantee.


  •    High quality
  •    Money-back guarantee


  •    While these tights aren’t insanely expensive, they’re getting up there in price

DRSKIN Compression Tights

DRSKIN Compression TightsDRSKIN is an up and coming company in the compression game. For whatever reasons they don’t yet have the notoriety of Under Armour or 2XU. But that doesn’t mean they don’t make great gear.

These compression pants are great for winter sports, though they work well in the summer too. They regulate temperature during extreme weather conditions, meaning that they’ll keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. DRSKIN’s compression pants are nearly 100% UV-blocking.

The best thing about these pants might just be their price. They’re far less expensive than comparable compression tights, and, unless you’re looking for serious compression value, they’re just as good.


  •    Really competitively priced
  •    Quick drying
  •    Moisture sensing fabric


  •    Average Amazon reviews
  •    Weak compression

CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Tights

CW-X Women’s Stabilyx TightsA truly high-end pair of tights, CW-X’s Stabilyx tights offer serious compression and provide targeted support to your joints and muscles as you run, with a focus on the hips, knees, pelvis and calves. These tights are constructed with CW-X’s patented “Coolmax” fabric, which pulls sweat and other moisture away from the skin as you work out; these are some of the best running pants for women out there.

Conveniently, these tights come with a key pocket (who doesn’t get annoyed running with a lanyard around their neck?) and a reflective pattern that keeps you safe at night. Lastly, the flat seam construction of the tights ensures optimal comfort during workouts.


  •    Highly supportive tights
  •    Reflective pattern great for night running


  •    Slightly expensive
  •    Only come in black

2XU Women’s MCS Thermal Compression Tights

2XU Women’s MCS Thermal Compression TightsThese thermal tights are mostly built for cold weather, so if you’re into snowboarding or skiing, these are the tights for you. They’re also effective post-recovery tights. 2XU’s tights are top of the line, and their price reflects that. These tights are built with gradual compression that enhances blood flow to critical areas of the legs during exercise. This helps reduce muscle stiffness after a workout and also improves recovery time.

The PWX thermal fabric of these tights is constructed to promote warmth and dryness by wicking sweat from the skin to the exterior of the fabric. When it comes to winter sports, these are the top running tights for women on the market.


  •    Muscle containment stamping
  •    Drawstring waistband
  •    Muscle protection


  •    Really no cons beyond the obvious: these tights are not cheap—not even a little!

Dynamic Athletica Premium Women’s Compression Pants

Dynamic Athletica Premium Women’s Compression PantsDynamic Athletica brings us back to the more affordable side of compression tights. Though they are significantly less expensive than 2XU’s tights, they still have at least some comparable version of the same features: compression, blood circulation support, moisture wicking, and more. So, while they may not exactly be from the most reputable brand, they will certainly do in a pinch and promise to enhance your workouts as much as the leading brands.

Dynamic Athletica also promises a 100% money-back guarantee for any unsatisfied customer, which is great in the case of online buying. Try as you might to research before buying, you can’t always know how you’re going to feel once you try on a pair of tights. A guarantee does a lot to ease that worry.


  •    Flat lock seams keep you comfortable
  •    100% money-back guarantee


  •    Made by a pretty unknown company

CompressionZ Women’s Compression Pants

CompressionZ Women’s Compression PantsCompressionZ is another top-notch compression clothing company. These tights are great in terms of quality, yet moderate in price.

These tights are made of something CompressionZ likes to call Smart Fabric—a fabric that stretches in all directions equally and won’t cause discomfort during awkward movement in workouts. It’s easy to clean and retains its shape, even holding up to machine washing.

CompressionZ touts these tights as a way to avoid other compression clothing items, such as leg sleeves, knee supports, and compression shorts. Why buy a bunch of different items when you can simply buy this one? By the way, these tights have an insanely high Amazon satisfaction rating!


  •    High customer satisfaction
  •    Affordable


  •    Some moderate issues with sizing

Tesla Women’s Thermal Compression Tights

Tesla Women’s Thermal Compression TightsThese tights are really designed for winter sports. Their thermal lining will keep you warm in the cold (or so claims the manufacturer) so you don’t pull a muscle while you’re on the slopes. In actuality, these pants are a base layer, meaning that they’re meant to be worn underneath another layer of clothing. Don’t go out in the snow with just them on; you’d be pretty cold!

The blend of polyester and spandex provides a wide range of motion and a lot of elasticity. Aside from being useful for outdoor, winter activities, these compression tights are good for indoor activities. You might not want to wear them indoors if you’re in a hot environment; that could be a little uncomfortable.

Endurance Shield 360 Women’s Compression Tights

Endurance Shield 360 Women’s Compression TightsOur last pair of tights is made by a little-known company called Endurance Shield. The cut on these tights is made specifically to contour to women’s bodies. Whether you’re running, cycling, hiking or working out in the gym, these pants are perfect for active ladies.

They’re stylish in addition to functional. They’re high waisted and form-fitting. They also help keep everything in place while you’re working out. Best of all, they are a fraction of the price of some of the more expensive, reputable brands.


  •    Really affordable tights
  •    Stretchy pocket can fit keys, wallet, phone etc.


  •    Run small; order a size up!


Okay, now that we’ve learned a little bit about each pair of compression tights, it’s time to choose one pair.compression tights for women

I’m going to have to call it a tie between CW-X’s Stabilyx tights and the CompressionZ tights. Personally, I think the CompressionZ tights are the best women’s running tights in this review. They’re affordable, high end, and functional. While some of the other tights have these qualities as well, I know CompressionZ to be a reliable and well-regarded brand.

On the other hand, CW-X’s Stabilyx tights are really good too, even though they’re moderate to high in price. They’re great compression tights for runners, and the reflective design on them is a nod to that. Either pair of running tights for women would be a good buy for a serious runner.

2XU’s running tights are probably a close runner-up, especially so if you’re into winter sports. Not only are they warm, they’re probably the most compression-offering of any model in this review. Their only downside, as noted, is that they’re quite expensive.

Well, that concludes this review. I hope you learned something interesting and that the next time you look at compression tights you have a better idea of what you’re looking for.